Why prepare for trial?

At James R. Murphy, Jr. And John D. Barron, A Law Corporation, we do not take your case expecting a quick settlement. Quick settlements are usually low settlements. Instead, we devote the full resources of the firm to your case and then prepare the case aggressively for settlement and in some cases trial.  This approach to litigation ensures the highest possible settlements when settlements can be achieved.  If a settlement cannot be achieved, aggressive litigation increases the potential for a substantially greater recovery at the time of trial.

Historically, at this Law Corporation, recoveries at trial are often 1,000 percent above the offers made by insurance companies in settlement (see chart below). The firm knows that by working cases aggressively, devoting resources to hire the best experts and preparing the cases actively for litigation, we get the best recoveries for our clients.

At this firm, we have confidence based upon the value of hard work and the talent of our trial team. Our level of preparation is outstanding.  We work extremely hard for our clients and devote countless hours of focused effort to prepare your case for settlement or trial.  Our record at trial underscores the importance of proper preparation and committed representation.

When we go to the negotiation table, the insurance companies and defense firms know that our firm will in fact take the case to trial.  Many law firms threaten to go to trial but back down on the steps of the courthouse.  This scenario does not occur at James R. Murphy, Jr. And John D. Barron, A Law Corporation.  We put our clients first, we prepare our cases, we get ready for trial and we try the cases which have to be tried. Although trials are difficult, extremely time-consuming and require a greater work-effort, research and manpower, we believe every client is entitled to the maximum effort the firm can generate.