Reviews and Testimonials

The law firm of James Murphy and John Barron did an outstanding job of delivering a brilliantly successful outcome for me.

My main attorney was John and, from start to finish, he provided full transparency, accessibility, clear and frequent communications, and demonstrated a blazing strategic mind. On Meditation Day, at John’s direction, we walked due to a totally unacceptable end-of-day offer. Fast forward 2 weeks and John secured a Settlement for me that was 6 times that offer! Very happy client.

In addition, they have an amazing support staff that genuinely cares about the client and is always reachable.

Jim and John never stop battling for their clients – I was very fortunate to have them represent me.


I knew I had a complex case and needed to find a superior law firm to represent me. After my consultation with John Barron I knew I found an attorney with integrity, knowledge and determination. He and his dedicated team worked diligently to resolve my case. All the staff are very professional and had my best interests at heart.


Our family found it extremely difficult to find an attorney who would be willing to take on a giant automaker in a complicated products liability case.  Most attorneys did not want to handle the case because the driver of the vehicle was convicted of a felony and was held criminally responsible for his role in the injury to my son.  When we met with Mr. Murphy, he told us that he would fight for our son as though Matthew were his own son; throughout the case, Mr. Murphy put the interests of my son first.  Ultimately, Jim forced the auto manufacturer to settle based on the powerful case Jim’s team had developed.  Jim hired the best experts and worked relentlessly on behalf of our family.  I could not recommend Jim Murphy more highly.  He remains a friend of our family to this day.


Jim Murphy is as aggressive a lawyer as you will ever see.  He is also extremely sensitive to the needs of his clients. He kept me informed at all stages of the case as to every decision made.  Jim earned my trust and proved throughout the seven year litigation that my trust was well placed.  As the result of these recoveries, I was able to ensure My son’s future was secure, guarantee him an education, and to pay him a stream of income for the rest of his life.  I was able to recover enough money to make a huge change in my life.  I am deeply grateful to Mr. Murphy and for the outstanding, dedicated work he did on behalf of my family.  Not only was Jim a fighter, he was creative in his approach to the litigation. He did not back down from any battle with anyone.  Jim is a very tough lawyer. I remain close personal friends with Jim and will remain friends with him for the rest of my life.  Jim is a fantastic attorney.


My husband was referred to Jim after his accident. During our first consultation with Jim we knew he was very smart and caring lawyer. Jim and John Barron fought like bulldogs to win our case. His staff treats you like family and works tirelessly. We give Jim and his staff 5 stars.


Jim worked incredibly hard for me.  He had faith in me and never allowed the hostile attitude of the insurance company to keep him from fighting for my rights.  I would have settled the case for $350,000.00 had the carrier offered it, even though Jim believed the case was worth a lot more.  Because I did not have auto insurance, I was afraid of not receiving enough of a recovery to help me with my future.  The first portion of the settlement has provided me enough money to buy two homes and achieve some of the goals I have set for myself.  Jim’s trial team does not leave a single detail to chance they work incredibly hard on behalf of their clients.  As a client of Jim’s for over four years, I have watched not just how hard he worked for me, but how hard he works for everyone who comes under his care as an attorney.


Jim and his staff are loyal and make you feel like you are their only client and passionately fight for you with all they have. They were awesome through a really difficult time.  They are professional but most of all, the office is full of good-hearted people.


I was referred to Jim after my husband passed away.  At the time I called, Jim was on summer vacation. To my surprise he called me while on his family vacation.  From the first phone conversation I knew I was referred to one of the top-notch lawyers in the state. Jim and his staff worked tirelessly on our case. Jim is very caring and incredibly smart.  He treats you like family, not just another case.  I can honestly say he is the best lawyer I have ever found. I highly recommend him and his staff.


My former attorneys had basically dropped the ball on my case. The other man that was injured was also represented by those lawyers.  He had almost $50,000.00 in medical bills and the attorneys talked him into settling for $110,000.00.  He recovered very little of that amount. At the time I hired Mr. Murphy, he made a commitment to me that he would work hard for me. Jim and his team never let up. Jim is a tremendously effective trial lawyer.  The jury loved him.  He aggressive attacked every component of the defense’s case, which has changed my life and that of my family. I am very grateful to Jim and consider him the finest attorney I have ever seen.


Trial Lawyer of the Year – San Luis Obispo County multiple times.  Some of the biggest verdicts recorded in this county. Murphy takes $60,000 offers and makes insurance companies pay $$MILLIONS$$ later…Dedicated to clients and works tirelessly to get the best results.  Respected by all judges, DA’s, and courthouse employees.


Jim Murphy is a wonderful lawyer who handled our case with compassion, integrity, and professionalism. His staff is wonderful.  We could not more highly recommend any attorney for any case.


Jim and his team devoted themselves to our case.  Knowing how important this case was to us, they never stopped working. Even when the insurance company refused to settle the case, Jim continued to have faith and hope and encouraged me to have faith and hope.  We love Jim; we can never thank him enough for what he has done for our family.


James Murphy is an amazing man and lawyer. He is very personable and takes all cases to heart. He doesn’t beat around the bush and gets right to the point, if there ever was a lawyer you wanted by your side it would be this wonderful man. With Jim Murphy you can have your cake and eat it too.


I would NEVER want to be on the opposite side of Attorney James Murphy in a court of law. He is a master of cutting to the quick of things.  Bottom line, if you need a really good lawyer, look no further.


Just an all-around great place with a great staff. Mr. Murphy is a hoot. Oh, and a great lawyer! 😉


Very personable, knowledgeable, and caring of their clients.


Jim is The Best!