Case Studies

Many cases are resolved by agreements between the parties requiring that the names of the defendants not be made public. In addition, we always respect the privacy of our clients. It is therefore necessary in these case studies to refer to our clients by first name and the defendants by generic titles. Any interested potential client may contact Mr. Murphy directly and he will make arrangements for the prospective client to speak with former clients whose cases are reported in these studies. Representations made in these case studies are factually accurate.

Kathy R.
Ken G.
John and Terri S.
Mandy C.
Matthew G.
Ben S.
Johnnie and Sophia
Timothy J.
Mike G.
Ted M.
Gerald L.
Mike E.
Lance P.
Peter G.
Richard A.
Shannon K.
Smart v. Flores
Jane D.
Mark and Alex N.
Tom S.
Laura E.