Mike E.

This case was an action involving personal injuries suffered by Mike as a result of a two-vehicle collision in the City of Orange. Mike, who at the time lived in Santa Maria, California, had been visiting a friend in the Orange County area and was headed home. As he approached an intersection, Mike reported the light had been green for a substantial period of time. A witness confirmed Mike’s account of the accident as he testified compellingly in deposition that the light had been green for a substantial period of time. As Mike approached the intersection, a Caltrans truck ran a red signal arrow at 30 miles per hour, turning directly into the path of travel of both oncoming vehicles. Significant damage was done to both vehicles. STATE paid $19,380.52 for the value of PLAINTIFF’S “totaled” vehicle. It was clear from the testimony of police officers, witness and Mike, as well as from the physical evidence at the scene, that the Caltrans vehicle driver was entirely at fault for this accident. However, Caltrans steadfastly continued to deny liability from the date of the accident. Defendants originally offered $10,000.00; after the client retained my office, the offer remained $10,000.00. Sixty days before trial, Defendants offered $15,000.00 via CCP 998 Offer to Compromise. The jury awarded $890,000.00; with costs and post-judgment interest, the recovery was $985,195.16.