Jane D.

Jane’s son was killed in an accident involving a tractor-trailer owned by Defendant and a car driven by an additional Defendant. The remarkable young man was 25 years-old on the day he died.

The tractor-trailer driver was negligent because he attempted to merge into traffic on the U.S. 101 when it was unsafe to do so. The tractor-trailer driver and the company he worked for denied they were at fault. They claimed the driver of the car was negligent and the sole cause of the death.The driver of the car claimed she was not at fault because she was faced with a sudden emergency when the tractor-trailer merged into her lane of travel on the U.S. 101, forcing her to take evasive measures. Jane claimed damages for the loss of the love, society, comfort and affection resulting from the death of their son. Defendants disagreed with the amount of damages being sought. I settled this highly-disputed auto-truck accident involving the death of a 25 year old man,for the sum of $2,300,000.00. I represented the mother; another firm represented the father. In the apportionment trial post-settlement, my client was awarded 75% of that recovery – $1,725,000.00.