Paul Flores Arrested for Felony Weapons Charges

Paul’s recent arrest and the interest it has generated in Kristin’s disappearance, gives us hope that all the hard work undertaken by Kristin’s family, the San Luis Obispo Sherriff’s department and all community members and law enforcement officials who have donated their time to uncovering the truth about Kristin’s disappearance, is not in vain.
My office has been working for more than 24 years to bring justice to the Smart family, and any action taken by law enforcement which serves to draw the public’s attention to Kristin’s disappearance brings us another step closer to obtaining justice for the Smart family.  If anybody has information about Paul Flores’s criminal conduct, we encourage you to contact the San Luis Obispo Sherriff’s Department. My office maintains a $75,000 reward for any information which leads to the conviction of any individual involved in Kristin’s disappearance.