Seeking Justice for Kristin

James R. Murphy, Jr. And John D. Barron, A Law Corporation are encouraged by and grateful to the San Luis Obispo Sheriff’s Department who have exerted a heroic effort to bring Paul Flores and Ruben Flores to justice.  We believe that now is the time for the San Luis Obispo District Attorney to criminally prosecute everyone and anyone who was involved in Kristin’s disappearance. We hope that the decades-long investigation undertaken by the Sheriff’s Department, the District Attorney’s Office, the Smart family, and our law firm can finally conclude with all participants in this heinous crime being brought to justice.  We are steadfast in our commitment to hold each and every individual civilly liable for their criminal conduct. We are eternally grateful to Ian Parkinson for his courage and leadership; we would not be celebrating the arrest of these two criminals had it not been for his remarkable efforts and commitment to Kristin and the Smart family. While bringing Paul Flores and Ruben Flores to justice is the ultimate goal, nothing can alleviate the pain and suffering the Smart family has suffered and will continue to endure for the rest of their lives.