Amendments to the Civil Complaint Filed Against Ruben Flores

James R. Murphy, Jr. A Law Corporation filed two Amendments to the Civil Complaint filed against Ruben Flores on behalf of Stan and Denise Smart. These Amendments name the two additional defendants, Susan Flores and Mike McConville. Below is a link to a copy of the filed Amendments.   Amendment to Complaint [DOE 1] Susan Flores Amendment to Complaint [DOE 2] Mike McConville

Civil Complaint Filed Against Ruben Flores

James Murphy filed a lawsuit on behalf of Stan and Denise Smart against Ruben Flores and 2 accomplices through their actions in removing the remains of Kristin Smart from the original location of 710 Whitecourt to an undisclosed location.  These acts of viciousness, depravity and cruelty have caused severe emotional distress to the Smart family. Below is a link to a copy of the original civil lawsuit filing.  

Ruben Flores Deposition Early this week the San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Department barricaded the road leading to the residence of Ruben Flores, the father of Paul Flores, the suspected killer of Kristin Smart. Ruben Flores lives at a home at 710 White Court, Arroyo Grande, California. The property was searched by the Sheriff’s Department; in addition, cadaver dogs and ground penetrating radar were employed to locate the remains of Kristin Smart.  Last month, Paul Flores was arrested on felony gun charges…

Paul Flores Arrested for Felony Weapons Charges

Paul’s recent arrest and the interest it has generated in Kristin’s disappearance, gives us hope that all the hard work undertaken by Kristin’s family, the San Luis Obispo Sherriff’s department and all community members and law enforcement officials who have donated their time to uncovering the truth about Kristin’s disappearance, is not in vain. My office has been working for more than 24 years to bring justice to the Smart family, and any action taken by law enforcement which serves…

Smart v. Flores

Kristin Denise Smart disappeared from the Cal Poly campus on May 25, 1996 and has not been seen or heard from since. Kristin was last seen walking home from an off-campus party in the company of another student, Paul Flores. Kristin was 19 years old at the time of her disappearance. Her case drew national media attention and has been featured in People Magazine and numerous television shows. The firm has represented the Smart family since 1996, on a pro…

48 Hours – Kristin Smart

A popular true crime television show delved into the disappearance of Kristin Smart, a Cal Poly freshman who went missing in 1996.  This episode featured interviews with the Kristin’s sister, her friends, Chris Lambert, Sheriff Ian Parkinson, James Murphy and Garin Sinclair.

Your Own Backyard

Chris Lambert released his first episode of YOUR OWN BACKYARD in September of 2019.  The podcast recounts, in detail, the disappearance of Kristin Smart from the campus of California Polytechnic State University in May of 1996.  The series topped the charts with millions of downloads that brought renewed attention to the case in California and reached around the world. Your Own Backyard Podcast

Drywall cases headed for resolution?

A federal district judge in New Orleans awarded $2.6 million in damages Thursday to seven Virginia families who sued a Chinese drywall manufacturer, in a case closely watched by homeowners, home builders, and insurers. Click here for the WSJ story; here for the opinion, from Judge Eldon Fallon of the Eastern District of Louisiana.